What is hypnobirthing? Let’s do some Myth busting?

“Hypnobirthing is trying to hypnotise someone, so they give birth in a trance and don’t feel pain!”

WRONG- Hypnobirthing is a full antenatal education. Educating you on the power of the mind, and the tension/pain continuum. Hypnobirthing will allow you to realise the importance of getting rid of negativity and training your minds to enter a deep state of relaxation. This in turn allows you to be in tune with your body and trust your instincts.

“Hypnobirthing is freebirthing at home with no medical help”

WRONG- Hypnobirthing can be any sort of birth, even a caesarean section. Hypnobirthing just means you were in total control; you were educated throughout and you made decisions based on evidence. You felt after that you had had a good birth experience because of this.

“People who Hypnobirth don’t have any pain relief.”

WRONG- We all experience pain differently. Hypnobirthing women usually describe labour as powerful not painful. This is because they have spent a great deal of time coaching the mind to believe it was never painful in the first place. However, some women find they do need some pain relief options to help them with the sensations they are feeling and to keep their control. Hypnobirthing may not give you an entirely pain free labour, but it always helps.

“Hypnobirthing is just listening to relaxations and scripts”

Hypnobirthing is partly listening to relaxations and scripts as this is what helps us to maintain that lovely confident relaxed state. However, hypnobirthing is so much more! It is understanding your body, understanding your body in pregnancy and the changes it goes through, its understanding what care and options are available to you at all times, it is incorporating your birth partner to be an active part of labour and birth, it is learning  how to reduce perineal tearing, improve pelvic floor strength, encourage baby into the optimum position for birth and techniques for coping with surges and delivery of your baby.

“Hypnobirthing is a complete birthing programme which is based mainly on science and up to date evidence, allowing parents to gain knowledge and in turn confidence in their ability to birth their baby.”

TRUE- hypnobirthing evidence speaks for itself. The women who have hypnobirthed describe how it helped, the partners who hypnobirthed tell us how it worked for them. The statistics for women who hypnobirth speak for themselves.